People Rise

from by Jeremy Roske

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I awaken to gunshots
There's a war going on, when will it stop
So many lost not realizing the cost
Of all who are slain in freedoms name
Denial rains down intoxicating our soil
Seeding hate into the children
And who’s to blame, point a finger at someone
Three point back at me the same
Projected pain, projected bullets aflame
Fired from to many guns,
To many innocents fall victim to our shadows hit man
Pendulum swinging from us to them
All fighting a war no one can win
Walking a fine line razor thin
One slip it’s like Russian roulette one bullet left in the clip
Point it to the sky cause no more humans need to die,
no more children need to die, no more, this I cry

People rise… rise, rise, rise people rise… rise, rise, rise
People stand for what you believe
Cause the truth will set us free X
I look outside and see a world that doesn't make sense
People running around like chickens headless
Hoarding rubbish in excess,
Feeding the global mess
So many problems confront us its overwhelming to address
With the state the worlds in salvation seams hopeless
Bombarded every minute with intensity, pictures of a reality
Most wish to flee, numbed 101 ways, the greater sum
In Hell the realm where suffering escapes no one
You can run but you can't hide, lost in the mind fearing
What you might find - is this pain yours or mine
All time completely occupied in a nine to five - just to stay alive

People rise… rise, rise, rise people rise… rise, rise, rise
People stand for what you believe
Cause the truth will set us free X2

No more rising just for surviving
All my people we got to be thriving X3

Together we must rise
All realize there's more to life then meets the eyes
Up ahead there's a fork in the road
And the story of what's to come is still left untold
There are two sides to this coin
One continue down a path of separation
Or two, rise to the occasion and join forces
Sing out - let the world hear our voices
Start making different choice
Look deep inside to find higher purpose
And compassion for the suffering,
Stand together to survive
In this deathly whirlwind shelter lies in dialogue
Befriending our fears
Coming to know what we don’t understand
Love will heal every man and woman
Humble the enflamed EGO
Flatten existing structures that dominate and control
People rise claim inner power that's indestructible
Stand and be responsible cause love will prevail


from People Rise, released June 27, 2005



all rights reserved


Jeremy Roske Bommayapalayam, India

Jeremy’s life work and passion is to use performing arts to serve personal and collective awakening. As a poet, singer/songwriter, actor and youth leader Jeremy has traveled the world for over two decades, igniting the fire of inspiration and expression in the hearts of thousands. His musical style fuses funk, hip-hop, rock and reggae weaving together conscious lyrics and soulful melodies. ... more

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