from by Jeremy Roske

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Violence has affected us all
From our ancestors first step
On the evolutionary crawl
To the current over populated urban sprawl
We've clinched our fists to brawl
Instinctual a matter of survival
Fist, club, sword, to pistol
Rising like the sun to destroy any rival
Gang, tribe or clan, wild beast or fellow man

Thousands trained in war games
Calvary, gun’s, tank’s, bombs and air planes
The results the same, what ever the name
Mass slaughter and harsh pain
It’s clear, plan and simple
We’ve forgotten how to respect our temple
What kind of example is this for the young ones?
Funds for bombs, but no funds for education
Billions for guns, but no funds for Gods Creation –

For Life times we’ve walked a thin line
Between the connection and destruction of all kind
At the end of the day I seem to find
To change the world, I’m starting on the inside

Hate lurks in dark places
Military bases built to destroy
Entire human races
Inhabited spaces, labeled as market places
Rage roaming rapists, suck of the sacred
Leaving it lifeless, spiting what’s left in our faces
Will these types of people replace us?
Misplace us and manipulate us
Into believing we have no power to face this
No hope to change this
The truth is, we’re of the same blood
Formed by the same mud, breathed by the same air
All connected to the Earth here,
And when we kill one another
We’re killing the mother, our sister and brother


The power of truth, communication and co-creation
Will be the salvation, forgiveness melts fears wall of separation
Within the light destruction births revelation
As citizens of the earth peace is our vocation
And it's time, that all human kind, stand strong in the balance
Of body, heart and mind…



from People Rise, released June 27, 2005



all rights reserved


Jeremy Roske Bommayapalayam, India

Jeremy’s life work and passion is to use performing arts to serve personal and collective awakening. As a poet, singer/songwriter, actor and youth leader Jeremy has traveled the world for over two decades, igniting the fire of inspiration and expression in the hearts of thousands. His musical style fuses funk, hip-hop, rock and reggae weaving together conscious lyrics and soulful melodies. ... more

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