Life For Your Money

from by Jeremy Roske

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Money, Mula, cashola, denaro the green
What ever the name It represents the same thing
Troubles for those who have, and more for those who have not
All caught in a tugga-war of struggle that’s none stop
When the sun rises I wonder
Why this game called survival keeps me under
I'd rather stay hidden in deep slumber
Then face a world in which I'm a number…

Your life for your money, your money for your life…

Your life or your money
Your money for your life

I’ve been paid minimum wage
Equations where my true value was never wade
Daily I slaved and every penny made was just enough
To keep this rawhide tough-completely occupied
No time to dive into my creative side…
Disqualify me from this rat race
Cause the more I essence I waste
The longer and harder the chase
I sit and question, contemplate the state of my affairs
Am I really a victim Is the perpetrator the system…

Your life or your money
Your money for your life

What purpose's fill your waking hours
passion, pleasure, or dreams of power
What runs your life, fear or survival
Love or trust that all will be provided
I look outside and see a world that’s divided
Rich, poor, good,bad right or wrong
At the end of the day we'll all be singing the same song
Returning to the earth where we’re from…
A memory Hummed by an angle…a poem written on gods palm X2

With the same breath I can curse what I've lost
Or give thanks for what's left
When death comes knocking, what will I take with me
My material things will fall away like my body -
What will remains are memories that live eternally
Of love given and received, children playing, long moon lit walks
Whispering Sweet nothings… living for something bigger then self, sacrificing for someone else, living and loving, loving and living... and nothing else


from People Rise, released June 27, 2005



all rights reserved


Jeremy Roske Bommayapalayam, India

Jeremy’s life work and passion is to use performing arts to serve personal and collective awakening. As a poet, singer/songwriter, actor and youth leader Jeremy has traveled the world for over two decades, igniting the fire of inspiration and expression in the hearts of thousands. His musical style fuses funk, hip-hop, rock and reggae weaving together conscious lyrics and soulful melodies. ... more

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