Heart Storm

by Jeremy Roske

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sabinevendrely Wonderful texts, marvellous music, Jeremy Roske is a magician ! Favorite track: Warriors Heart.
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Seed 06:35
how does a seed know which way to grow to reach the sun a new life has begun in this great mystery we keep on spinning since the beginning and life unfolds like the blooming of a sweet fragrant flower that knows its hour its time has come Om Mani Padme Hum... how do I know know my true calling when it feels like I'm falling time and time again with every breath and every step I pray I will be met my feet will find solid ground that which I seek shall be found in your embrace, a resting place where all moves with ease and grace inside I find a seed let it blossom and I am freed Om Mani Padme Hum... how do we know which way to go when we reach the crossroads of our ego and soul just close your eyes and look inside find the truth that can't be denied like sunlight shining through the trees or the soft kiss of a summer breeze in every cell of everything a grain of sand a galaxy all are an expression of thee guide us home, we are free Om Mani Padme Hum...
Remind Me 06:56
Lyrics: Across the vast expanse of space within the seed of soul this moment’s perfection is true the only goal the magic of a child’s world before the yoke of pain the innocence we left behind is ours now to reclaim remind me to remind you to remind me once again our share divinity remind me to remind you to remind me once again the spark withhold within Each moment holds the promise true of grandeur held within each step which cracks the new frontier dissolves the myth of sin all that we have ever sought lies hidden in plain sight woven in the tapestry within our darkest night remind me... I seeing you a gentle truth your deepest heart's desire despite projections of the mind consumed by love sweet fire remind me...
Foundation 03:47
Lyrics: I build my foundation strong ground my being in the truth of what I know the earth she holds me I stand steady with her she feeds my body, heart & soul She teaches me to dance amidst the chaos I shed this rigid skin its time is done stay fluid like a whale swimming in the waves showing up fully in service to the one Build your foundation strong it’s the ground of your being that carries you along all the trails you tread upon so build your foundation strong We build our foundation strong daily my love and I affirm our devotion to our shared path of self-realization through relationship growing in love For every challenge that washes up on our shore we vow to show up with hearts wide open we are a stand for each other’s becoming to realize the full expression of our soul Build your foundation strong... Hold your own in a merging of rivers all the energies that constantly promise to deliver take your time to align with your center know your boundaries where those shall not enter we are responsible to love our temple to learn from experience and be an example stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before with a clear vision and the courage to explore there are no limits of how far we can go with a strong foundation from which we can grow you are the bow; you are the arrow let yourself fly, and the rest will follow Build your foundation strong...
Surrender 06:17
Lyrics: Here I am now in this oh so familiar state of mind it’s got me tied up like a hostage with no intention of setting me free my heart is ready to pay the ransom cause we can’t go on living like this fear runs so deep I get no sleep it feels like my dreams are turning on me Sweet surrender I remember why I came Sweet surrender I remember the rules to the game There you are now in front of me are we separate or one in the same the one who wants the one who doesn’t who’s gonna win in the end there are two wolves fighting barking and biting inside divided tearing me up one is evil the other is good which one will triumph the one I feed With your guidance and blessings I’ve learned any lessons and I know I’ve got a ways to go in your presence, I feel my essence and I’m learning to trust in the flow I am a river returning to its source you are the ocean welcoming me all roads lead home wherever I roam I know I’m exactly where I need to be
Lyrics: There’s a stirring inside of me a feeling that I can’t ignore spiraling from the center a knowing that we can do so much more it’s in the simplest of gestures a kind word a helping hand I believe in our basic goodness we’re all here to understand all we need is a little love, to rise above all we need is a bit of care, meet me there all we need is a gentle touch, means so much all we need is a little love And we are rising up shedding the fears that confine us moving beyond all this right and wrong into a place where we belong we are rising like a great tide rising like the moon and sun we are shining from the inside a new day has begun All we need... At the end of our journey what will we have left behind only those moments of share loved etched forever in time All we need...
Lyrics: I know we’ve all been in the ring once or twice before Taken a few more hits then we signed up for Relationship is a trip you never know what your gonna get You want to jump ship it’s sinking your thinking I’m over it But your swimming back shark-filled waters and they might attack Better play it safe and wait for the right time eject - just not yet Sometimes we have to be broken down before we come around And see the price we’ve paid for not being brave Hold on through the crazy ride to the other side Its brighter day we’re finding our way steady she goes There are so many reasons we stick it through Despite all the signs that say she’s not right for you There’s a pretty picture I painted in my mind held on with all my might I had to get it right Through a lot of suffering I learned to let it go Got to choose your battle wisely know what’s worth fighting for Sometimes... Piece by piece I rebuild Unbury myself from this hill Of insecurity, shake um off like flees Reveal the truth that lives beneath I banish the fears That kept me locked in for years See-through the lies and alibis Toxic relations cut those ties Sometimes...
Belonging 06:04
Lyrics: I first felt your embrace as a young child in your arms, I would play while the sun danced across the sky time endless and eternal I’d rise and fall with your tides you held my dreams and my fears wash the tears from my eyes ocean, oh how you open me open up my heart to all I meant to be no matter how long I’m away you are always welcoming in your arms I feel at home a deep belonging I turn to you and confusion anger and pain a few moments together and it all melts away you bring me to the ever-present moment where you reside you awaken a lost knowing surgeon from inside Ocean... You mean more to me then I realized you inspire overflowing joy my inner child comes alive riding on your shoulders I learn the meaning of life to live in harmony like the day in the night Ocean... I’m longing to be, belong, Belonging
Lyrics: Sometimes I feel like I’m torn into a thousand pieces scattered by storms of illusion to the farthest reaches my fragmented self divided and beaten by this poisonous fruit of forgetfulness that I have eaten hey ya wanna, hey yana hey ya wanna, hey yana hey ya wanna, hey yana Hey yana, Hana hou help me remember, remember with your love, I put myself back together help me remember, remember with your grace, I put myself back together From the first to the last breath we ask why am I am here, it’s clear it is more than just to survive I look inside, find my light that will guide me through the darkest night i am here, face my fears give me courage to live in my heart hey ya wanna, hey yana... help me remember, remember in your light, I put myself back together help me remember, remember with your beauty, I put myself back together deep in my heart, I’m awakening to the reasons of my being here, being here deep in my soul, I’m awakening to the truth and its oh so clear hey ya wanna, hey yana help me remember with your love, I’m put back together help me remember with your grace, I’m put back together in your light, with your beauty I return, return to you
Momentum 04:11
Lyrics: I felt stuck like a train in the station Like water held in a dam Like being stranded on an island Not know who the hell I am On a track moving nowhere Caught in stagnation Feeling discouraged Not knowing where the hell I’m going All it takes is a simple step To turn the tide and make a move All it takes is determination To live your dreams find your groove Dig in your heels, stay the course Before you know it you’ll be soaring Catch the wind in your sail, know you can’t fail You were born to shine You are the momentum - in your life We all know what it’s like to be put down To be cast aside as worthless To have the door slammed in our face And wonder what we did to deserve this If we let the world decided our direction If we give in to the pressure around us We will never know true fulfillment Only a suffering that’s boundless All it takes... That's right I'm talking to you make some noise if this is ringing true Resonating on a higher plane breaking through all the struggle and pain there is more to life than meets the eye and there is still so much more to realize raise your shutters and drop your blinds open up your heart and free your mind release your grip, let go of control this ego trip has taken over the soul hijacked the joy and clouded the vision put fear in charge of every decision is that the life that you want to be living contracted and blind to the gifts you've been given put your hand on your heart the doorway to heaven take a deep breath and let it all in... All it takes...
Vessel 05:30
Lyrics: There’s a voice in my head a little devil on my shoulder feeding my fears worry takes over when anything goes wrong he’s quick to point it out highlights all my weaknesses fans the flame of doubt it’s a shame that I listened to him for far too long left my dreams by the riverside and floated along Like a fool falling forward into the great unknown on my knees uncertainty is all I’m shown I look inside, find my light that will guide me home finally, I realize that I’ve been here all along I have stood at this crossroads before feeling my soul beckoning, whole new worlds to explore yet the known is so comforting this time I let go to the mystery leave all these fears behind this is my great reckoning as I dissolve into the Divine I don’t need to know, I just show up presence is my only preparation what is needed in the moment will manifest with ease I’m a vessel higher power flows through me The song I sing I bring through from my heart where it all rings true it’s my medicine, heals my wounds, soothes my suffering these inspired tunes shift my attention deep within, leave the world behind, grab my pen open to the muse who loves to share, whispers sweet melodies into my ear guides my flow and the words they pour like a crashing wave on a familiar shore never taking credit, keep creations pure, with love and gratitude, i will endure i don’t need to know, I just show up...
Lyrics: Been here, been here for a long time waiting for the sun to shine in my heart where I need it most a lost soul drifting like a ghost So cold, so cold to the bone I never felt so alone still young yet I feel so old Drifting away trying to fit a mold Give me faith not fear to steer towards my dreams trust in the unseen cause nothing is as it seems and I believe there’s a plan for me These fears, these fears paralyze can’t move, feel or open my eyes to see the truth in disguise always looking on the outside For something, something that’s always been right here inside of me I’m coming home finally coming home finally I chose faith, not fear... Been here, been here for a long time giving thanks for the sun that shines illuminates my heart and mind every cell in my body so divine this Breath is such a gift Connect me with me and all there is separateness minutes away I find a peace that’s me and I’m here to stay Through faith not fear...


released October 30, 2020

Produced by Benjamin Last
Co-produced by Jeremy Roske and Pete Robinson
Mixed by Pete Robinson & Benjamin Last 
Mastered by Pete Robinson
Recorded at Motiv Studios Ubud, Bali
Motiv Music www.motivmusic.com

All music & lyrics written by Jeremy Roske

Vocals & Guitar: Jeremy Roske
Bass: Andro Yopi & Yohanes Dion 
Cello: Cellomano
Keys: Murray Kyle
Kora: Sebatierra
Windwood: Avishai Barnathan
Backing Vocals on Seed: Sandrayati Fay
Backing Vocals on Warriors Heart: Joshua Trulson
Remind Me lyrics: Mark Roske


all rights reserved



Jeremy Roske Hawaii

For Jeremy Roske, music is more than a melody — it's a cure.

As a founding member of the Earth Guardians' he wrote message-driven melodic music designed to uplift the masses and influence the planet.

After being struck by lightning, Roske's near-death experience inspired him to branch out on his own, creating music that inspires hope and transcends tragedy.
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